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Task Box Ideas and Resources
How and Why?
  • Meets Arizona Alternative Academic Standards
  • Promotes independent practice for mastery
  • Teach students to work: left to right, top to bottom (organization)
  • Prepares student for future job organization skills
Tips for Success:
  • Include HIGH interest elements to the activity where ever possible (such as Spiderman, Scooby-doo, etc.)
  • Provide organization in the task with bags, containers, trays... (everything has a place, fine motor practice of using different containers, some students need an organizational structure provided for them)
  • Organize Task boxes by category (such as Math, Reading...or Number Sense, Comprehension...or Sorting, Matching, Packaging, Vocational...)
  • Use what you have in your classroom or hit a local dollar store (anything can be made into a taskbox, so look around your room)
  • SAVE containers with lids, trays, soda box flats, pizza boxes, shoeboxes, plastic coffee containers, oatmeal containers, produce plastic containers, toy packaging, etc. You can re-use it in your task boxes. I asked my building staff to begin saving anything plastic with a lid that has a wide mouth. If I have to spend money, I would rather spend it on the content of the container than on the holder
  • Get a low-temperature glue gun to fasten containers when creating organization
  • Velcro or clothes pins can be useful in matching or pairing choices
  • Get a letter-size laminator and train students to use it, when they have choice in the characters used in their task box and they help make it...they get really excited to use it and they better understand how to use the task box too.
Academic Content Task Box Ideas