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Governing Board

The Crane Elementary School District is governed by a five-member Governing Board elected for 4-year terms. The board operates pursuant to Arizona Law and Governing Board Policies.  The Board adopted the Policy Governance Model of governance which focuses its work on policy decisions, rather than operational issues. These policies direct the Superintendent who acts as chief executive officer.

The Governing Board welcomes the public, including district staff, parents, and community members, to its meetings. Regular meetings are held according to the published meeting schedule beginning at 5:00 p.m. at the Crane District Services Center, 930 S. Avenue C, Yuma, Arizona.  Meeting agendas (Public Meeting Notices) are available on-line, and posted at each school and the District Office, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.
Recent legislation provides parents with an opportunity to participate in, review, and provide input on any proposed sex education course of study before it is adopted by a school board. 

As part of their regular Crane Governing Board meeting on August 10, 2021, the Crane Governing Board conducted a public hearing to provide interested stakeholders the opportunity to voice their opinions, questions and concerns on a potential adoption of a sex education program available from the Yuma County Health Department.  At the September 14, 2021, Crane Governing Board meeting, a public hearing will again take place. These hearings are meant to satisfy the 60-day period of review and inquiry required before the governing body decides whether to approve any course study pertaining to sex education per recent legislation. Public comment may include written comments, oral comments and comments submitted electronically.

Should the Crane Governing Board decide to adopt this program and have the Yuma County Health Department educators present this curriculum, the program would be offered to students in the 8th grade.




  • For questions please call Gloria Coronado (928) 317-4580


TOP® lessons selected are an Abstinence only adaptation

  • Learning About Myself Teal Book
1.   This is me. Who are you? 93
2.   Sexual Health: Myths or Facts? 179
3.   Talking about abstinence. 187
4.   Adolescent brain development. 215


  • Connecting With Others Blue Book
5.   Bullying: Becoming an upstander. 75
6.   The importance of empathy. 105
7.   Our unique perspectives. 117
8.   Practicing interviewing. 217
9.   What makes a good friend? 225
10. What is love? 263


  • Building My Skills Purple Book
11. Emotions and the body. 35
12. Famous Failures. 185
13. Class reunion. 243
Jim Colby
 JIM COLBY, Governing Board President
 Phone: (928) 210-4183
 Term Ends: 2024
Dan Farar
 DAN FARAR, Governing Board Clerk
 Phone: (928) 343-1197
 Term Ends: 2022
Sarah Claridge
 SARAH CLARIDGE, Governing Board Member
 Phone: (928) 210-3736
 Term Ends: 2022
Marcos Moore
 MARCOS MOORE, Governing Board Member
 Phone: (928) 446-5642
 Term Ends: 2024
Carol Smith 

 AUDREY GARCIA, Governing Board Member

 Email: audreyg@craneschools.org

 Phone: (928) 317-6294

 Term Ends: 2022


Members of the public may attend the Governing Board Meeting in person. The use of face masks is optional. Participants can join the meeting telephonically using the following information.
Audio Conference #:
Meeting ID #:
Pass Code: 140240187