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District Goals

Performance Goals
Crane is committed to becoming an exemplary district by effectively utilizing all available district resources to ensure all students learn and grow every day.
  1. Student Achievement: Through a supportive and positive district culture, student achievement will improve by providing innovative learning opportunities for all learners.
  2. District Personnel: Through innovative problem solving and supportive, positive District culture, we proactively and creatively recruit, develop and retain high quality employees.
  3. Family/Parent/Community: Proactively and creatively, we will engage with our families and community by gathering input in a variety of ways.
  4. District Operations: Promote a collaborative District climate and culture through fiscal and organizational accountability leveraging innovations and creative problem solving.
  5. District Leadership: Encouraging innovative problem-solving, valuing creativity and promoting curiosity among child and adult learners in a supportive District culture.  We will demonstrate leadership excellence and will inspire trust and confidence in all community members.