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Crane Bus DriversAt Crane, we aim to support your child's journey of success and achievement by providing a safe means of transportation to and from school.


2024 - 2025 Transportation Application

If your child will require transportation services for the upcoming school year, please submit an application. All forms must be in by July 21st
  • Eligible Students: Students who reside within the boundaries of their home school, but outside that school's designated walking area (outside of the 1-mile radius). 
  • You can continue to complete the form after July 21st, but there will be a delay in response time. The Transportation Dept. will respond to applications as quickly as possible.  
  • You need to fill an application for EACH child. You can submit an application using the link to registration form, or print out the application provided in the chart below, and submit to the Transportation Department in the District Office. 
  • Daycare/Alternate Address
    Families needing transportation to an address other than their home must obtain a bus pass from the Transportation Department. The alternate address must be within the bussing area of the school of attendance and passes are issued based on space available.
    A Transportation Daycare Registration Form is available for long term daycare bus service or you may call the department for a temporary pass. When calling for a bus pass, the following information is required:
    1. Name of adult where your child is going
    2. Destination Address
    3. Telephone Number


Transportation Registration Form Click Here
Transportation to Daycare Form Click Here
Transportation To/From Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Click Here
Formulario para recibir servicios de transporte Haga Clíc Aquí
Formulario para recibir transporte a una guardería (daycare) Haga Clíc Aquí
IEP Process
Through the IEP process, your child may qualify for specialized transportation.
If you have questions about your child's eligibility for specialized transportation, please contact the ESS Department at (928) 373-3451.
Middle School Boundary Map
Crane Bus DriversAll eligible Crane Elementary and Middle School students who are planning to ride a bus MUST REGISTER to receive a student ID card for bus service.
Registration forms are available by clicking on the Bus Registration link in the table above, at your child’s school, or at the Crane District Office.
If your students will need bus service from MCAS or a daycare/sitter, please click on the respective forms above. Complete the appropriate form and return it to the Transportation Department
If your student will not be using bus service, please do not submit a registration form.
Bus ID cards have been and are continuing to be printed for students who were registered for bus service. Equipment has now been installed that will scan the ID cards. The scanner will alert the driver if a student is not on the bus roster and will also allow real time bus & rider information. We have been waiting for all the necessary components to connect the system with our routing software. Now that is complete, we will begin the training process and hope everything will be functional soon.
Transportation Director
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Transportation Assistant
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