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Bus ID Card Information

Dear Parents and Guardians,
School Bus ID Cards will be issued to all students who are eligible and registered for bus service. The cards will be provided free of charge and will be required to ride the bus.
These ID cards are a step toward assuring that each student is on the correct bus; boards and disembarks at the correct stop. The ID cards will also aid school personnel in assisting students to their bus; allow the driver to become familiar with the students who ride his or her bus and accurately locate the stop that students are assigned to.
We now have equipment installed that will scan each ID card. Once an ID card is scanned, the Transportation Department and school administrators will be able to instantly know if a child is on the bus and the location of that bus. We feel this information will be valuable and reassuring to parents.
In the event you are unable to attend the open house, the ID cards will be available to your school office. ID cards will continue to be printed as we process bus registrations and will be forwarded to the appropriate school for distribution.
If a card is lost, it will be replaced twice at no cost. The Transportation Department will continue to issue bus passes for temporary situations.
When your child receives their ID card, please check that all information is correct. If you find an error, please call the Transportation Office at (928)373-3465 or (928)373-3466.
Gabby Kuzniak
Director of Transportation