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Bus Rules

Most students attending Crane Schools will at some time ride a bus.
  • To and from school
  • Field trips
  • Athletic events
Our Philosophy:
Riding the school bus is a privilege in Arizona. We believe all students have the right to a safe bus ride and no student has the right to prevent other students from safe transportation. We also believe all students can behave appropriately while riding the school bus. Improper conduct may result in this privilege being suspended.
Bus Rules
  1. Go directly to a seat and remain seated until the bus has stopped at your stop.
  2. No swearing, whistling, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put downs.
  3. Keep hands, head, feet and all objects to yourself and inside the bus.
  4. No dangerous objects, weapons, alcohol or tobacco.
  5. Follow the directions of the bus driver.
  6. No eating, drinking, or chewing gum.
  7. No animals, insects or reptiles. 
  8. No glass objects.
  9. Aisle must not be blocked.
  10. Musical instruments may not occupy needed seats and must be under owners control at all times.
  11. Students must ride their assigned bus.