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Tax Credit

Here's your chance to help our schools without it costing you a thing!
Arizona allows state income taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $400 ($200 for single filers and $400 for joint filers) for contributions made to public schools to support extracurricular activities. This tax credit is available to all taxpayers whether or not they have children in the public schools.
The kinds of programs you can help fund range from sports and band fees to lab sciences and art projects. Crane School District is committed to maintaining these activities for the enjoyment and enrichment of our students. Unfortunately, our funding is not sufficient to offset all of the associated costs. As a result, these programs must depend on fees from students. And that's where you can help.
To claim your Arizona State Tax Credit, just make a donation in an amount you feel comfortable contributing. Whatever amount you give will be offset by a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for the applicable tax year— up to $400 per tax return! The schools and programs you support are entirely your choice. The law simply states that your donation must go directly to a local school to be used for its extracurricular activities. Mail your donation in by April 15th to be counted in your tax refund.
Have more questions? Feel free to check out the Frequently Asked Questions below:
A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the actual tax owed. Qualifying contributions (up to $200 for individuals and up to $400 for married couples, filing jointly) can be claimed on personal Arizona income taxes to reduce the amount owed or increase the refund. You do not need to be a parent of a Crane School District student to donate for a tax credit. 
EXAMPLE: Joe and Mary Smith owe $1,000.00 in state income tax for 2019. They donated $400 to a Crane school to support field trips. The Smiths reduce the amount they owe in state tax to $600. 
Fees paid directly to a public school or school district in support of extracurricular activities or character education, qualify for the tax credit according to Arizona Tax Law (A.R.S. § 43-1089.01). 
Yes. An Arizona taxpayer can go from owing the state money to receiving a refund or increasing their refund through their Arizona Tax Return. 
EXAMPLE: Mandy Johnson owes $100 for her 2019 Arizona State Taxes. She contributes $200 to a Crane school in support of their athletic programs. Instead of owing the state $100, she received a $100 refund through her return. 
EXAMPLE: Mr. and Mrs. Garcia live in Phoenix, but wish to support their grandchild's talent for the saxophone by contributing $400 to a musical program at a Crane school. The Garcias would have received a $700 refund from the state, but their contribution increased their refund to $1,100. 
Please consult with your tax advisor to determine the application of the tax credit for your particular situation. 
Yes. You can designate the allocation of your contribution, provided you do so at the same time you contribute. 
Contributing to Crane School to earn the tax credit is easy, and you can do it today!
You can donate online using the button on this page. 
You can also complete the form below and submit it with your donation to:
4250 W. 16TH STREET
YUMA, AZ  85364
On behalf of all of us at Crane Schools, we thank you for supporting our students by providing them with the resources to have rich programming and equipment. 
If you'd like to donate online to help provide quality programming for our Crane students, feel free to use our Online Donation Tool. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards. Thank you!
Need assistance?
Please feel free to contact Vianney Mendoza at: [email protected]
or by telephone (928) 373-3406 with any questions or inquiries regarding Tax Credits.