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MEP LogoThe Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a federally-funded, state operated program which was reauthorized under Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Title I Part C. Our mission is to impact teaching and learning in K-8 classrooms so that migratory students achieve academic success.
This program provides supplemental services to students of Migratory Workers and provides funding and support to Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). The LEAs are required to provide the structure, support, and scope of available services to Migratory students to ensure their achievement.
Agriculture in the State of Arizona is a 10.3-billion-dollar industry. Our state is the winter lettuce capital of the world, producing ninety percent of the nation’s leafy vegetables. We are ranked second nationally in the production of lemons, and third in tangerine production (Arizona Farm Bureau).
There are over 10,000 children of Migratory Workers with educational needs in Arizona. There are a wide range of services provided during and after school hours. Our primary focus is the identification and recruitment of Migratory students and ensuring that supplemental programs and advocacy align with the state’s efforts to transition to the rigorous research-based reforms set forth by the Arizona Department of Education.
The MEP Staff would like to welcome you to the program! Please contact us if we may be of service in any way.
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