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Emergency Management

Crane Schools prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of its students and staff. The District consistently evaluates its emergency preparedness protocols throughout each school year in order to act rapidly and effectively in the case of an emergency or crisis. Part of that process involves active participation and collaboration with Yuma community partners such as the Yuma Police and Fire Departments.


The following information provides parents and guardians with relevant information about emergency preparedness protocols.

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Crane Schools has a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that addresses a multitude of school crisis situations. Administrators and staff at each school have been trained and conduct drills for each type of emergency situation – with and without students present. Additionally, the District conducts a quarterly Safety Committee meeting to ensure the safety protocols and plan are up-to-date and thorough. 


Each school site conducts regular fire drills, lockdown drills, and bus evacuations throughout the school year with students and staff members.


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Lockdowns may be issued in situations involving active threats (intruder, disruptive parent or guest, weapon on campus, social media threat, etc.) at school sites or in district facilities that could potentially risk the immediate safety of students and/or staff. During a lockdown, all interior and exterior doors will be locked. For safety purposes, only the school crisis team, and police and/or fire departments will have access to hallways and classrooms during the course of the lockdown.
Parents and visitors will not be allowed on campus during a lockdown.
The District is in the process of equipping the schools and facilities with One-Button lockdown buttons that act similar to fire drills. A lockdown button is within easy reach of students and staff. In the event of an emergency, the button can be pushed, and a series of safety and communication measures ensues to 1) notify students and staff of emergency situation so that they can follow the emergency protocols; and 2) notify first responders of an emergency situation that requires their assistance. Completion of this installation is slated for Fall 2023. 
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As a parent/guardian to a child at Crane Schools, you are an essential partner to the safety team. When lockdowns are initiated, parents who have signed up to receive district and school communications will be notified of the event via email, phone call, and/or text.
We understand that receiving a lockdown notification can be stress-inducing. Please keep the following information in mind: The school district will release information about the lockdown as soon as it becomes available. At times, we realize that it may seem as if the information is not forthcoming or not being released quickly. During an emergency event such as a lockdown, the district is actively working with the crisis teams to obtain and confirm accurate information. The District is very careful about the information that is released, and therefore, it may take a time to share the facts of the situation. We appreciate the patience of our community as we carry out due diligence in information-gathering and sharing.
During a lockdown, parents and visitors will not be able to access the campus. Emergency responders and school district employees will focus on the needs of students and staff. Unexpected arrivals by parents can potentially exacerbate an already tense situation.  
In a crisis situation, the school’s front office may not answer the phone as their main concern is ensuring the safety of students and staff on-site and keeping lines of communication open with the crisis team. The school or district will share information and updates with parents as soon as possible. The school may request that your child reach out to you to give you an update as well. It is often helpful to follow the district and school social media platforms, and sign up to receive district communications, as information will be shared in these ways.
Watch for any lingering signs of stress in your child(ren) over the following days and weeks. Signs that your child may be stressed or have anxiety about the situation may include lack of appetite, difficulty sleeping, desire to stay home, etc. Talk to your child(ren) about the event, and contact your school to learn what resources and services are available.
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An Evacuation (either from one room/building on-site to another or to an alternate location off-site) may be used for incidents such as gas leak, power outage, bomb threat, fire, etc.


In the event of an off-site evacuation, the district will implement its Reunification Plan and families will receive communication from the school district, advising them of the location and area in which they can pick up their child. Proper identification will be required upon parent pick-up to ensure a child’s safety. Please note, the Emergency Operations Plan includes specific guidelines for relocating students with special needs and non-English speaking students.


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It is important for communication purposes to ensure that your contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) is up-to-date as parents will be notified using this information during a school crisis. When you need to change your information, contact the front office of your child’s school.


Information regarding the emergency situation will be shared on the district’s website, social media platforms, and by mass communication system FinalSite (Blackboard). Updates will be given as information becomes available.


Please note that during a school crisis, the school may not answer the phone. The staff’s number one priority during crisis situations is to ensure everyone’s safety on campus. The district’s Communications Department will share information with families once it has been verified.


Depending on the type of crisis situation, students may be asked to text their parents and let them know that they are safe. In some crisis situations, students will not be allowed to use their phones.


Keep Your Student’s Emergency Contacts Updated


To ensure that we can communicate with families regarding their student(s), or in case of an emergency, it is essential that families keep their emergency contact information up-to-date with their school(s). Please contact your student's school directly or you can change the information in ParentVue.