Crane Elementary School District to Increase All Salaries by 7%


April 14, 2023


Crane Elementary School District to Increase All Salaries by 7%


Yuma, AZ – Effective on July 1, 2023, all Crane Elementary School District employees will receive a 7% salary increase. The increase was approved by the Crane Governing Board at their regular board meeting on April 11, 2023. The board also approved an increase to new teacher compensation with base pay for a first year teacher with a bachelor’s degree at $41,375; $51,575 when supplemental pay is included.  Supplemental pay includes classroom site fund and approved stipends.


Since 2016, the district has approved over 45% in increases for teachers. Other personnel have received over 35% increases in the same time period. The difference between groups is a result of Governor Ducey’s “20% by school year 2020” teacher pay initiative.


Another exciting change for the new school year will be a $15 minimum wage adjustment. In her presentation to the Crane Governing Board, the district’s Executive Director of Human Resources, Lupe Lewis, said, “What we’re really happy about is that this will help us kick off the new school year at a higher minimum wage.” The current minimum wage in the state of Arizona is $13.85.


Each year, the Human Resources Department, with input from Crane supervisors, evaluates each position and makes recommendations to the Crane Governing Board for the compensation and benefits package for the upcoming school year. We’re especially thankful to everyone involved in the in-depth process for their feedback and time.


Superintendent Laurie Doering stated that she was delighted that the district was able to offer the significant increase to the dedicated teams at Crane Schools.


The Crane Governing Board approved all proposed recommendations for the compensation package. Members of the community can view the presentation by going to The time stamp for the compensation and benefits presentation begins at 1:56:36.