Return to School on January 10th

Dear Crane Families,

Welcome back! We hope you had a wonderful break and are ready to take on the new year.

As we return to the classroom, we'd like to continue on the pathway that has allowed us to remain open during a pandemic that is still far from over. By consistently reinforcing our protocols, we mitigate the risk of exposure to the COVID-19 virus.  Inevitably, we’ve reached a point of fatigue due to the incessant changes this pandemic has wrought, but if we stay the course, our students and learning community as a whole will be better situated for a healthy and promising future.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) have amended their guidance for Release from Isolation and Quarantine. The Crane School District will follow their recommendations as part of our district response plan. We have updated the Crane Mitigation Plan - available in English and Spanish - to reflect the new changes. 

You’ve all been incredible allies and partners in helping keep our schools safe and healthy. Thank you for reporting cases in an effort to prevent exposures from spreading and for your willingness to adapt to the circumstances. We encourage the use of face masks indoors when possible, as well as washing hands regularly throughout the day. The biggest way in which you all can help at this moment is to keep your child(ren) home if they are feeling unwell or exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19.  By doing this and following the protocols detailed in this mitigation plan, we increase our chances of finishing the school year successfully, strong and united. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday. Thank you!