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Purchasing & Materials Management

The Materials Management department consists of the Purchasing & Warehousing functions for the District. This department coordinates all of the District's procurement activities with the exception of student activities and PTA / PTO purchases. We are also responsible for the following:
  • Providing stocked items to the schools and departments we serve
  • Handling all of the shipping and receiving of purchased products
  • Distributing of products to the end user
  • Delivering mail daily
  • Managing records and general fixed assets
  • Reviewing Intergovernmental Agreements
Prospective Bidder
To register as a Prospective Bidder for Crane Schools and to see all current and former solicitations, please visit: http://www.azpurchasing.org
Statewide Vendor Registration Links
To assist vendors with the task of registering with multiple government entities such as the State, school districts, cities, counties and other public entities, click here for a list of website links. Every attempt has been made to provide a link directly to the entity's vendor registration site. Be aware that not all public entities have an on-line registration system. This information has been posted as a courtesy to the vendor community.
Director, Procurement
Ph: (928) 373-3415
Kim Polyhronakis,
Purchasing & Warehouse Coordinator
Ph: (928) 373-3416
Steven Klauck,
Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Clerk
Ph: (928) 373-3417
Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Clerk
Ph: (928) 373-3419
Warehouse Shipping & Receiving Clerk
Ph: (928) 373-3419
J. Michael Wicks Support Services Center
900 South Avenue C
Yuma, AZ 85364
Fx: (928) 783-8465
7:30 am - 4:30 pm
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