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Office 365 Help

To install the newest version of Office on the Mac, it is necessary to uninstall the old version first!
To install Office 2016 for the Mac, after uninstalling the previous version, sign in to Office 365 on your Mac and click “Install now” from the main page.
That will download the product. Once the download is complete, click on “Downloads” in the dock (bottom right corner) and then click on “Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg”
Follow the on-screen instructions (click Continue, Continue, Agree, Continue, Install, enter your credentials (employee ID and password), Install Software, wait a bit, and click Close).
At this point you are ready to start it up, sign in, choose your options, and go!

How to Update the Local Address Book in Windows

Start your local install of Outlook.
In the left pane of Outlook, go to Contacts.
In the upper right corner, click on Address Book.
In the resultant Address Book window, select Tools, then Options.
In the resultant Addressing window, ensure the address book order has Global Address List listed first, and click OK.
Close the Address Book window.
Select the SEND/RECEIVE tab from the top.
Expand the Send/Receive Groups dropdown menu and select Download Address Book.
Click OK and wait for the process to complete.
Once the process completes, the window will close.
You now have the latest copy of the address book and outlook will look to it first for addresses.

How to add a link to the Crane Schools website to your Office 365 Apps

In Office 365, click on the the symbol of 9 little boxes in the upper left corner.
Select "My apps"
Hover your mouse over the Crane Schools link, click on the elipsis, and select "pin to app launcher"