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Dynamic Curriculum Strategies

Crane Schools continuously develops its own curriculum directly aligned to the AZ State Standards.
Educators in Crane, who are experts in their content areas, guide and manage curriculum teams in math, English language arts, science, and social studies. The teams have developed a digital-based curriculum using the Galileo® K-12 Online Digital Curriculum Platform so that teachers have unfettered access to all grade level calendars and resources. Crane has coined this endeavor as Dynamic Curriculum Strategies.
Dynamic Curriculum Strategies.delivers standards-based curriculum, affiliated resources, aligned assessments, and reporting all-in-one. This learning system offers a seamless approach to assessment and interactive instruction with opportunities to personalize learning. Vertical alignment assists teachers in supporting students with a spectrum of needs. The system provides high-quality, cost-effective support for teachers in digital-age schools. Digital Curriculum Strategies is offered through the Galileo® K-12 Online Digital Curriculum Platform.
If you have an interest in partnering with Crane Schools with the use of our Dynamic Curriculum Strategies platform, please contact Dr. Mike Hoffman at 928-373-3402 or via email to