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  • Don't Let Homelessness Stop Your Education

    "You deserve an education as much as anyone else."

    As part of ongoing efforts to connect youth, children, and families experiencing homelessness with help, SchoolHouse Connection - a national nonprofit working at the intersection of education and homelessness - is pushing out a new public service announcement aimed specifically youth experiencing homelessness (whether they are with family or not) - narrated by Dez, a youth with lived experience. The PSA aims to reassure youth experiencing homelessness that they are not alone, help break through the stigma and fear to seek support, and point them in the direction of help on, where the PSA and other resources will be housed.

    -- This year, public schools and early childhood programs reported the highest number of children and youth experiencing homelessness ever recorded - 1.5 million.
    -- The role of schools has never been more critical. Schools are required to identify, enroll, and serve homeless youth, but remote learning, COVID-related complications, and (in many cases) being disconnected from families means it is even easier for youth to fall through the cracks.
    -- It’s vital that youth who are homeless know they are not alone, that they have educational rights, and know how to exercise them.


    Uploaded Dec 21, 2020
  • Elmo's Message to Children and Parents Experiencing Homelessness

    Elmo knows that every kid should be able to go to school, no matter where they sleep, or how much they have to move around. Listen to Elmo's message.

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    Uploaded Dec 21, 2020