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Parent Technology Meetings
Moving into 3rd quarter has been quite eventful here at Pueblo. This weekend, the Panther Football team won the district tournament and became the Crane Flag Football champions for the first time in 5 years. We've had our second quarter awards ceremony and were very pleased to recognize so many students for their diligent and hard work. Additionally, we have a lot of events coming up that we want to ensure everyone is prepared for. 
As stated earlier in the year, one of the big shifts in the Crane School District this year was with technology. As a district, we are moving forward in an effort to better enable our students for their futures with 21st Century Skills and technology. However, we have found that many of our parents are confused, concerned, or just interested in learning more about what technology is being used, how it is being used, and why it is being used. This has lead us to develop a four part event that begins tonight to better enable our parents with helping their students use technology at home, as well as learning more about how it is being used at school. Please see the list of dates below to join us for our Parent Technology Meetings (all meetings are from 6-7 PM in Room 303):
January 26th - How is technology being used in classrooms?
February 2nd - How is technology being used to enrich lessons? 
February 9th - How can you use technology to help your student?
February 16th - What resources are available to use? 
Pawsitive Panther Bites
Stomp Out Bullying
On top of being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October also holds the distinction of being Bullying Awareness Month. As the staff and teachers at this school can assure you, this is a very important topic  to be aware of both for students and teachers, but also for parents. Helping parents be more aware about this topic is one of our goals for this month along with working with students to be prepared to handle bullying not only in their lives, but also in others. So as we stand up to help out, we ask our community of parents and students to stand with us and help us STOMP OUT BULLYING.
As Carter and Katz found in their research back in 2003, roughly 98 in 100 students will be victims of bullying at some point in time or another throughout their schooling career. However, the scary trend of this is that it frequently goes unnoticed and students do not make adults aware of the situation. Only 11% of the respondents stated that they went to their parents with this information for their assistance (Rocha, 2013). Although we want to ensure that our students are safe when they are online, at school, and elsewhere, bullying is a growing issue and it is critical that parents are aware of warning signs and preventative measures that can be taken to ensure your child is prepared for this. It is also important that we ensure our children understand what bullying is. As Merriam Webster defines bullying, "to frighten, hurt, or threaten (a smaller or weaker person)." Additionally, bullying is the intentional targeting of an individual student by another student or a group of students. Finally, these students must be in a position of power over this student. Many times, situations are called bullying, that do not truly meet the definitions of bullying. Although we want to handle all these situations, it is critical that students understand the differences between a conflict and bullying.
Warning Signs:
1) Child appears sad, moody, or anxious
2) Child want to avoid school
3) Child withdraws from or shows a lack of interest in social activities
4) Child  experiences a drop in grades or a decline in academic performance
5) Child appears upset after being online or using the computer
6) Child appears upset after viewing text messages of using the phone 
These warning signs are important to keep an eye on to ensure that we can talk to the students if something is happening. Many times, the kids will not want to go to someone about this, but if we can approach them about the bullying, then hopefully we can get them to help us be aware of the situation. Many students do not have the maturity to handle this on their own and so we can assist them in many ways.
Preventative Steps:
1) Do not allow children access to social media accounts until they are mature enough to handle them.
- Most social networking websites specifically require parent permission for people to get an account. In addition, they do not allow children under the age of 13 to have an account.  Even though these restrictions are in place, roughly 50% of students have Facebook or other social media accounts. Most of these kids do not have the maturity to handle the information and activities that occur on Facebook. 
2) Be aware of what your children are doing online
- As stated above, many children already have these accounts. Additionally, many kids use interactive gaming as a way of connecting with friends. The majority of bullying that occurs at this age is occurring through these interactive games.
3) Establish rules for electronic use
4) Understand the school rules for technology and bullying
Prevention is the best way to avoid bullying. Students who practice safety when online or off are less likely to deal with bullying. By practicing the above techniques, plus many more, parents can help minimize the amount of bullying that students may deal with throughout their school careers.
For more information, please see the references below.
Parents Make the Difference
Here at Pueblo we value a collaborative work environment between our teachers, administration, students, and parents. We find the saying "It takes a village to raise a child"  is vitally important to a successful education career. We encourage parents to come down and volunteer at the school, in your students classroom, and with our after school clubs. In addition, we have a PTO that is actively seeking new members to bring interesting and new ideas that will help our school be the best school in Yuma. Additionally, we believe that an open line of communication between parents and teachers is essential for the students to have success. Please contact your student's teacher with any questions, concerns, or complements you may have, just like we expect our teachers to do with you. You will also find an attached document that discusses the importance of a collaborative environment.
Community Support
Donor's Choose:
Ongoing Projects: If you would like to support teachers at Pueblo, please take a look at the various projects looking for donations on Donor's Choose:
Budding Artists - $874 needed 
Funded Projects:
Used to purchase art supplies for our Academic Enrichment classroom. As Mrs. Weyenberg stated on the project page "Students who participate in creative endeavors are shown to have more academic success."  
Used to purchase supplies for life sciences for Mr. Thorp's class. Students will be able to explore plant science through hands on growing experiences.
Used to purchase Earbuds for students in our GAP program. Students will utilize these during lessons, assessments, and projects to help them reach their fullest potential.
Used to purchase telescopes and astronomy curriculums for the students at school. Students will utilize these as part of science lessons and then get to look at the skies during science nights that will be coming soon. 
Used to purchase new sports equipment for the PE department. This equipment includes items such as soccer, football, and basketballs for use not only during PE class but also during recesses. 
Used to purchase Ebooks for use on our new technology. These ebooks will be available to all students on their devices on different science subjects. Additionally, the library was able to order a new set of science texts on the human body. 
Used to purchase class sets of Wonder, My Brother Sam is Dead, and a partial set of The Firework-Maker's Daughter. Additionally, the funds will be used to purchase art supplies that will be used as part of a STEAM unit based on these books. 
$500 Science Grant - After School STEM Club
Grant will be used to purchase telescopes to be used in conjunction with the Mars Student Imaging project that will be going on during the 3rd and 4th Quarters. 
~$500 Grant for First LEGO League
Grant was used to purchase a new EV3 Robot for our First LEGO League team. 
Pueblo Elementary News
GAP - IPad Rollout
Mission and Vision


Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow


At Pueblo Elementary, our mission is to challenge each student to reach their full intellectual, creative, and physical potential through a fully integrated curriculum.

By instilling a passion for discovery and achievement, we prepare our students to become life-long learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

We are a community that fosters cooperative learning, mutual respect, social, and academic responsibility, enhanced by a strong partnership between staff, students, and families.

Electronic devices including Chrome - books, Laptops, Netbooks and iPads will be deployed as a 1:1 initiative at the start of the school year.Pueblo  looks for ward to providing every student with an electronic device. Pueblo teachers are excited to add these tools to the classroom to support student learning here at Pueblo Elementary School.
Main Office
Monday - Friday: 7:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Student Schedule
Regular Day: 8:15 - 3:05 p.m.
Early Release: 8:15 - 1:35 p.m.
Student Spotlight
December 3rd grade Go-Getters!
Jaida Dobosz
Mrs. Campbell's class
Eneas Andrade
Mrs. Espinoza's class
January 4th grade Go Getters
Daisy Romero
Mrs. Best's class
Hannah Mendoza
Mrs. Bauder's class
Staff Spotlight
This week's Staff Spotlight is our fabulous Kindergarten teacher, Whitney Andrews!!
A few little tidbits about Whitney...

What was the most unusual or interesting job
you’ve ever had?

Besides working at Dairy
Queen for 6 years in High School, over one summer I worked third shift at a
factory. I worked on the assembly line, watching to make sure the cyclone
wafers they produced weren’t breaking or shattered. We were not allowed to
listen to music, read, or sit. It was VERY exciting.

What is one food you would never want to taste
Black licorice.

Favorite junk food?

Ice cream!

What award would you love to win and for what

Hopefully in the near future, I’ll be able to start work on my Masters. I always thought that by now I’d have that

What is one thing you know you should throw
away, but probably never will?

There are a lot of things!! To
name a few, probably old pictures and CDs.

If you had one free hour each day, how would you
use it?

Sleep. I can never get enough

Name two things you consider yourself to be very
good at.

Listening and being a dependable

What is the best perk that you have at your

Building relationships with the
kiddos in class, and the amazing staff at Pueblo!

Share a personal fact no one would ever guess
about you.

Long, stray hairs that are not
attached to a human’s body, makes me feel very uncomfortable.

What is one of the things on your bucket list?
I’ve always wanted to push myself to run a half marathon.. because I HATE running long distance. I’ve never made it through the training in the Midwest weather, so I’m hoping to be able to do
that here, in AZ. I found THE most amazing looking half, called the Lake Powell
Half Marathon. The scenery looks breathtaking.

the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you?

Do what you can in the time you have. There’s always a list piled high with things
to accomplish, but there really is only so much time to do them in. It’s ok to do the best/most you can and be
alright with what you did check off your list.

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