GenYES Students Are Ready to Solve Your Tech Issues

James Charles, Yvette Lara, Taylor McNeece, Rafael Zavala

GenYES provides the online resources to prepare a team of Student Technology Leaders (STLs) with the skills necessary to support the technology integration efforts of teachers, IT staff, and other adults working at the school.

Any adult in the school can submit a Technology Assistance Project or TAP asking an STL for assistance. Typically, a TAP involves assistance in one of three ways:

  1. Helping teachers learn technology skills
  2. Demonstrating new apps
  3. Hooking up speakers or other equipment
  4. Navigation around new Macbook Air computers
  5. Help with iPads (Airdrop, apps, folders)
  6. Creating resources that teachers use in their lessons
  7. Assisting IT staff as needed

GenYES tools provide an easy-to-use online help desk. TAPs are tracked and reports can be generated at any time showing the impact of GenYES student support on your school technology usage.

The result is an authentic project-based learning experience for the students and sustainable technology support for the teachers. This powerful model has been refined and proven in real classrooms around the world for 16 years.

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