Salida Del Sol Elementary receives free Apple IPads

Salida Del Sol becomes the 8th school to receive free Apple iPads which would mean around 7,000 free devices were granted between the teachers and students. Trina Siegfried who is the Grant Writer for Crane Elementary School District says she is extremely thankful to Apple for being so generous with the ConnectED initiative.

Siegfried said, “Eighty percent of our schools were rewarded. It’s the largest percentage of schools in the Apple Connect Ed project from a single district, which is a nationwide initiative. So we’re very blessed and thankful to Apple.”

The principal says one really important tool they want to use is the ability to download apps to enhance their learning in the classroom and take them to virtual places they haven't seen before.

The Principal adds, “Our teachers have been practicing with our virtual fly over apps which they can fly over a city. So for a lot of our students that don't get the opportunity to leave Yuma they’ll be able to visit other cities through the 3D fly over.”
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