District Additional Assistance Special Override Election

District Additional Assistance Special Override Election

Purpose of the Election

Since 2008-09, the legislature has reduced "district additional assistance" (DAA, and commonly known as capital) funding from Crane Schools by nearly $15 million.  From 2015-16 to present, over $8.9 million of needed capital funding has been withheld through legislative action and appropriation.  These necessary resources are used to maintain facilities, and to purchase materials and equipment used for curricular and non-curricular needs.


Current statute permits school districts to seek an override for district additional assistance seek for an established amount up to 10% of the district's revenue control limit.  In simplistic terms, the revenue control limit is calculated using the number of students, applying add-ons for academic assistance and reading programs for kindergarten through third grade students and for certain disabled students, including any factors for experienced teachers who typically earn more than incoming teachers and route miles for transportation services. Utilizing these factors, a revenue control limit is calculated by legislative formula for each school district. The current revenue control limit for Crane Schools is approximately $30 million, meaning that 10% would be nearly $3 million.


The District seeks authority to exceed the district additional assistance budget limit specified by the lesser of $1,500,000 or 10% of the Revenue Control Limit (RCL) per year for capital purposes.  This District Additional Assistance (Capital) Override will be in effect for a period not to exceed seven years.  Any budget increase authorized by this election shall be entirely funded by the District from a levy of taxes on the taxable property within the District. Revenue from the DAA Override budget will support technology devices, equipment, software and infrastructure; transportation vehicles, buses and equipment; and school safety and security infrastructure and equipment.


Student and school safety remains a fundamental part of our mission, and we wish to implement solutions and strategies that furthers that objective.  Technology has become an important and essential instructional tool in our classrooms, where increased demand is equally necessary not only for learning but for administering the mandatory statewide assessment.  Without the DAA override funds, the district will be challenged in refreshing the existing devices, replacing some of our aging bus fleet and continuing to improve student safety and security.


We take our fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Crane very seriously and would not recommend the approval of the DAA budget override if it were not critical to maintain the high quality of education that is the hallmark of Crane Schools. While we are limited to 10% of the revenue control limit, we are seeking an amount that equates to just 5% of the revenue control limit, or $1.5 million. We feel that we will be able to meet the identified needs without seeking the full amount permitted under the law.


The purpose of the election is to permit the qualified electors of the District to vote on authorizing the District to vote on authorizing the District to exceed its district additional assistance limit for a period of not to exceed seven (7) years, in an amount not to exceed the lesser of $1,500,000 or ten percent (10%) of the District's revenue control limit per year.


To fund the increase in the District's budget would require an estimated tax rate of $0.67 per $100 of net assessed valuation used for secondary property tax purposes. Any qualified elector is eligible for early voting.  Early voting materials may be obtained by contacting the Yuma County Elections Department, 197 S. Main Street, Yuma, AZ 85364; telephone:  (928) 373-1014.


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