Gary A. Knox Elementary School

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Gary A. Knox Elementary School

Gary A. Knox Elementary School

Knox Knights Mission and Vision

The vision of Gary A. Knox Elementary School is to ensure that when our students have completed the sixth grade, they have mastered proficiency in the use of words and numbers and are prepared with the necessary skills to advance to middle school.


It is the mission of Gary A. Knox Elementary School, in partnership with our district resources and families, to provide an optimal learning environment for our students by incorporating the following:

Effective first instruction   *   Departmentalized Instruction in our intermediate grades – 4,5,6   *   Individual Learner Plans for our kids with Special Needs   *   Regular, consistent staff development   *   Community partnerships   *   Cutting-edge technology   *   Scheduled, team collaboration/planning   *   Consistent data disaggregation   *   Differentiated Learning  

Knox Knight's in Action

Community Support

We value the support that our wonderful Yuma community gives.  Mr. Vic Smith, Owner and President of JV Smith Companies, is our community partner and the sponsor of our "Garden of Learning," which is a 63-bed vegetable garden that grows 25+ different varieties of vegetables during the winter and spring.  Our students are able to consume what they grow because it is irrigated with city water and there are NO pesticides or chemicals applied.  They learn the importance of making good nutritional choices and also the importance of responsibility as every student takes an active role in the growing and care of the garden. 

JV Farms and Gary Knox Elementary Debut on the Larry King Live Show


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Gary A. Knox News


School Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (8:30-3:15)
Wednesday (8:30-1:45)

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Tanaka

Mrs. Tanaka, 6th grade math teacher, was selected by the Executive Board of the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics as this year's recipient for the AATM Copper Apple Award for Teaching in Mathematics.  The Copper Apple Award is the highest award given by the AATM to recognize excellence in mathematics.  The award is given annually to only ONE Arizona educator for outstanding contributions in fostering an interest in mathematics among students. CONGRATULATIONS, MRS. TANAKA.

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