District Programs

District Programs

Crane District at a Glance

Crane District Demographics

Crane Elementary School District No. 13 was established in 1899 to serve a community today known as Yuma, Arizona.  Although, initially, Crane was a small school serving a small community, the school and the community have together grown through the years.
Crane schools have a diverse community of students with many different ethnic groups represented and provides Exceptional Education Services to more than 700 students.
All Crane schools offer 100% free breakfast and lunch to students, with several schools also offering summer breakfast and lunch programs.

Specialty Schools and Programs

Crane Schools offer a variety of specialty programs within our schools.

Gowan Science Academy
Gowan Achievement Project (GAP)
All Day Kindergarten programs at Pueblo Elementary, Gary A. Knox Elementary, Ronald Reagan
Elementary, HL Suverkrup Elementary, Valley Horizon Elementary, and Salida del Sol Elementary
21st Century Community Learning Centers
Great Beginnings Preschool
Migrant Education
Accelerated Reading Program
Kagen Cooperative Structures
Yuma County Science Fair participation
RTI Model of Intervention at Pueblo Elementary
YRMC Walk for Wellness Program
Quarterly Parent Involvement Nights
MAC-Ro Math Program
LEGO League Team participation
GREAT Program participant
Beginning and Intermediate band

Business/ Civic Involvement
Grant Partnerships with Apple Inc, A.T&T. and Intel Math 
Parent Groups include site councils, PTO/PTA's
Business Partnerships with Gowan Company and Endeavor Ballooning
Crane district also has a partnership with the Rodel Foundation

Fiscal Responsibility

As of Budget Adoption on July 12, 2016:

M&O Budget- $30,150,289

Capital Budget- $1,074,165

Bond Elections- $10 million authorized by voters in the November 2014 election

Override Elections- None during this fiscal year

Quick Facts

Community Quick Facts







Staff Awards


2016 Yuma County Teacher of the Year – Ashley Kelley

2015 Yuma County Primary Teacher of the Year - Cathy Duffy

http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/7B196A53-EB91-435D-A613-D8ED1DD75A0A/april%20smith.jpg2015 Yuma County Intermediate Teacher of the Year – April Smith

http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/7B196A53-EB91-435D-A613-D8ED1DD75A0A/liana%20goldsboro.jpg2015 Yuma County Special Area Teacher of the Year – Liana Goldsboro

http://filecabinet5.eschoolview.com/7B196A53-EB91-435D-A613-D8ED1DD75A0A/Raquel%20Tapia.jpg2014 Arizona ELL Teacher of the Year - Raquel Tapia

Student Awards

Believe and Achieve Youth Award

Administrative Rewards

2015 Rodel Exemplary Principal - Connie Jerpseth

2015 Rodel Aspiring Principal

2015 Rodel Aspiring Principal

Apple ConnectED

AT&T Aspire/ConnectED
Intel Math Grant
School Safety Grant- SRO


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