Witte, Kristi

Witte, Kristi

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Mesquite Elementary School Physical Education classes are off to a great start! Classroom procedures are practiced every day, so we can be as efficient as possible with our transitions without so much wasted class time.

We just finished our Tinikling Unit in PE. Tinikling originated in the Philippines and it focuses on rhythm, agility, and cooperation. The students worked hard and were very successful with the activity! Some of the older grades created and participated in new routines to show their mastery of the skills. It was exciting to see the students’ energy and determination throughout each classes of the activity!!

Kinder and First Grade have also been spending part of their PE class time on rhythms and learning a variety of children’s songs/videos with repetitive actions, words, and/or challenges. Try having your child teach you how to “Pop See Ko!”

I look forward to another exciting year here at Mesquite! It’s a great time to be a STINGER!!

Very sincerely,

Miss Witte


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