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West, Dawn

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Welcome to Mesquite 5th grade.  It's going to be an exciting year.  We have a lot on our calendars and will keep you updated regularly.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Second Quarter Math Standards

 NBT A.1 Apply concepts of place value, mulitplication and division to understand that in a mulit-digit number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its right and 1/10 of what it representsin the place to its left.
 NBT.A.2  Explain patterns in the number of seros of the product when multiplying a number by posers of 10, and explain patterns in the placement of the decimal point when a decimal is multiplied or divided by a power of 10.
 MD.A.1.  Convert among different-sized standard measurement untis within a given measurement system, and use these conversions in solving multi-step, real-world problems.
NF.B. 4 Apply and extend previous underdstandings ofmultiplication to multiply a fraction by a whole number and a fraction by a fraction.
NF.B.5  Interpret multiplication as scaling (resizing)
NF.B. 6  Solve problems in real-world contexts involving multiplication of fractions, including mixed numbers, by using a variety of representations including equations and models. 
NF.B. 7   Apply and extend previous understandings of division to divide unit fractions by whole numbers and whole numbers by unit fractions.
NBT.A.4  Use place value understanding to round decimals.
NBT.B.7  Multiply decimals to hundredths, connecting objects or drawings to strategies based on place value. 
NF.B.3  Interpret a fractions as the number that results from dividing the whole number numberator by the whole number denominator.  Solve real-world problems.
MD.B.2 Make a line plot to display a data set of measurements in fractions of a unit.  Use operations on fractions for this grade to solve prolems involving information presented in the line plots.

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Oct 23Flu Shot Clinic CRMS 6:30 am-7:45 am

Oct 23Red Ribbon Week Kick-Off Assemblies 2 PM for Primary and 2:45 for Intermediate

Oct 27Fall Festival 6-8 pm
Oct 31Sweets with Superintendent @ 3:45

Nov 10Veteran’s Day Holiday—No School Nov 22-24Thanksgiving BreakNo School Nov 15Midterms
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