Report Cards

Report Cards

Report Cards

A Crane Classroom

In standards-based classrooms, the standards remain constant as year-end standards. High standards of performance are expected of all students.

The standards are public, and teaching and assessment are directed at ensuring that all students have an opportunity to meet these standards. Different students progress at different rates, so standards will be met in varying amounts of time.

You should see evidence that:
  • Standards of performance are clearly described.
  • Standards are public. Students, teachers, and parents all know what type and level of performance are expected of students.
  • Progress is measured based on absolute standards - no grading on a curve.
  • Repeated opportunities are provided for students to meet the standards.
  • Rigorous assignments are provided that address the standards to help students become ready for the next level of education.
  • Teaching and learning emphasize using (applying) knowledge and skills learned in real world" situations. Teachers ask, "What can students do to demonstrate what they know and are able to do?"
  • Students are assessed not only on their ability to memorize information, but also on their ability to use and apply information, interpret information, and think critically.
  • Teaching and assessment are organized around standards, rather on just coverage of information.
  • Teachers believe that all students can learn.
  • Students who fail to meet the standards receive interventions.
  • Students are held accountable for their learning.

Access to Parent Vue

Parents have the ability to monitor their student's progress by logging into the Crane District Parent Vue system. This system is open for all grades.

District Report Cards

Crane District has implemented a new report card system for the elementary schools that focuses on the Arizona Career and College Readiness Standards. The report card reflects a percentage based system that allows for mastery of the standard to be set at 80%. Examples of the new report cards can be viewed below:
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