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Professional Development

The mission of the Professional Development Department is to ensure that the Crane Elementary School District provides students with effective first instruction in every classroom.

This is made possible through Professional Development training and coaching to support beginning teachers as well as the seasoned veteran.

Provide high-quality training and development for all personnel
Enhance and sustain collaborative working relationships
Provide ongoing training to implement and assess differentiated instruction for all instructional staff and administrators
Provide effective instruction that enables all students to meet or exceed academic standards

Professional Development 2016-17
Summer Professional Development is now open for current employees to take advantage of courses offered in July. Follow this link for more information. 
Ottawa University Information
Ottawa Credit
Many of the class offerings may be taken for graduate level credit through Ottawa University. These credits must be paid for on or before the first day of class.

Costs for classes are:

$100 per credit

If more than one hour for every credit is missed for a class, District credit will not be given and/or an incomplete Ottawa University credit will be submitted.
Site-Based Coaching
Crane Schools believe site-based coaching to be a vital part of the professional development of the Crane teachers and staff. Site based coaches are important for new and veteran teachers alike.

Coaches assist to refine and reinforce the instructional skills of teachers. They use a variety of coaching strategies which include clinical, side-by-side, in and out, and whisper coaching.

Besides coaching teachers, each coach provides site-based professional development which is guided by needs of their staff or district wide needs. Each coach also provides the following:

Works as part of the site leadership team
Assists teachers with lesson planning
Organizes and carries out school wide bench mark testing for DIBELS and Galileo.
ELL/ELA Coordinator
Ph: (928) 373-3427

Tara Guerrero,
Math Coordinator
Ph: (928) 373-3429

Marcy Van Horn,
Student Data Coordinator
Ph: (928) 373-3433

Lynnette Humphrey,
Technology Curriculum/ Testing Coordinator
Ph: (928) 373-3428

Victoria Olea,
Executive Secretary
Ph: (928) 373-3404

Crane Education Center
4250 W. 16th Street
Yuma, AZ 85364
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Gowan Science Academy
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Crane Elementary School District No. 13
4250 W. 16th Street, Yuma, AZ 85364
P: 928.373.3400
F: 928.782.6831