Gowan Achievement Program

The Gowan Achievement Program (GAP) began in 2008 in Crane School District with funding from Gowan Company. Its primary purpose is to raise the level of education available in the community and better prepare students for college and their professional training. It has accomplished that and more. Our students have attended various high schools where they have excelled. The majority of them have advanced to college, many to highly selective universities. We are proud of the success of the program and the achievements of our students.

Gowan Company is a locally-owned family business that specializes in marketing, developing or processing agricultural inputs such as seed, fertilizer, and crop protection products. Founded by Jon and Liney Jessen in 1962, it has grown markets in most of the agricultural regions globally. A proud member of the community, Gowan provides 900 + jobs, over half of which are right here in Yuma!
Rancho Viejo is proud of our relationship with the Gowan Company. Thank you for everything you do to support our students! 

GAP Program News

In an effort to expand the availability of this excellent program for students and parents within our Crane District and the community as a whole, Rancho Viejo is accepting open enrollment for 6th grade GAP.

* GAP is open to all 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students within the Crane District and the greater Yuma community through open enrollment.

* The selection process for the Rancho Viejo GAP program will be based on AzMerit test scores and will require students to be highly proficient in math and proficient in other areas.

* Rancho Viejo implements "Engineering is Elementary", a supplementary science program, which is also used at the Gowan Science Academy.

* Open Enrollment is going on now.

Please see the brochure for more information.

GAP students working on an "Hour of Code".


Rancho Viejo GAP Teachers

Language Arts
Mrs. Ballou

Mrs. Scarpitta

Mrs. Peterson
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