Curriculum & Technology

Curriculum & Technology

Instructional Technology

Crane Schools is a 1:1 student:iPad district. Students attending Crane Schools are immersed in a curriculum that supports using technology as a tool. Students work collaboratively to create products that demonstrate their learning. The focus is not about the technology, rather the focus on the quality of instruction. iPads in the classroom support that focus.
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Digital Transformation

Students with Paper and iPads

Our digital transformation efforts are moving our learning community beyond traditional methods of school to personalize and differentiate instruction for our young learners.

Technology Integration Continues

* Each student has a personal iPad

* Teachers are continuously learning new ways to provide modern learning opportunities for our children.

* The “3 Rs” – reading, writing, and arithmetic are intertwined with the 4 Cs – creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration.

* Learning and teaching have begun moving beyond the confines of classroom walls and school buildings.

* Online programs now provide learning opportunities for most of our school community 24/7 each day of the year.

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