Wolves Athletics

Wolves Athletics

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Student-Athletes of the Year

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 Centennial Middle School Student Athletes of the Year! They are:

Gilda Calderon and Justin Matus

Maria Mendoza and Austin Rush

Sofia Knappen and Gerardo Ramos 

These individuals showcased exceptional academic and athletic talent for their various athletic teams and were honored with a plaque at the Centennial promotion ceremony. 

We are proud of them and wish them the best of luck in the future!

1st Quarter Sports

Lady Wolves Softball


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The 7th Grade Lady Wolves ended the year finishing top two in the Conference! Great job Lady Wolves!


August 15th, 2017
Centennial Defeats Crane, 48-36. Luis Toldeo earns two wins while Gerardo Ramos earns quickest pin. Luz Badillo earns a win in her wrestling debut.
August 17th, 2017
Centennial faced off against an experienced Somerton squad that was able to keep their win streak alive by defeating the Wolves.
Congratulations to Gerardo Ramos who went undefeated at 7-0 in 161 pound division. Great work! Luz Badillo, Cayden Rouse, and Victor Tapia also finished the season strong with 6-2, 7-1, and 5-1 records at their respective weight classes.  

2nd Quarter Sports

Lady Wolves Basketball
The 7th grade lady wolves completed their undefeated season last night with a thorough shellacking of Castle Dome in the championship game at Kofa, winning 46-13. Anais Cook was a monster on defense, wowing the crowd with several show-stopping blocks that left Castle Dome tentative around the rim. After picking up 2 quick fouls, Rian Martinez showed poise, control, and intelligent play after entering the game and played clutch basketball that led to many offensive opportunities for the Wolves that were capitalized on early and often. Caylie Holyfield showed off her shooting prowess while sinking several picture perfect jump shorts while Desiree Kirkland played relentless defense, diving after ever ball that hit the floor. Alisha Rice controlled the tempo with smart ball handling all game and Aryana Banuelos made it look easy out there, aggressively pushing the ball up the floor from the point guard position. Kaylee Woods, Montserrat Renteria, Melissa Garcia, Valeria Robles, and Adayza Rupa kept the pressure on Castle Dome as the Wolves demonstrated relentless passion for the game in the second half while pulling away to secure a 30 point victory in the Championship game. Congratulations to Coaches Pina, Potter, Randolph, and Williamson in their dedicated pursuit of perfection this season. Today we instead of saying “Defend the Den” we can proudly say “Den Defended!”. Great job Wolves! 
Boys Soccer
Another banner hangs in the CtMS gym after a dominant performance by the 8th grade Wolves in the championship game against Somerton, securing an 8-3 victory. 

The Wolves started the game slow, going down 0-2 before Flavio Meza pinpointed a right footed strike from outside the box to bring the Wolves within 1. Somerton added a third goal before half and the Wolves were looking at a 1-3 deficit at half. That however, was the end of any advantage Somerton had. Centennial scored 7 unanswered second half goals. Flavio Meza got the Wolves back on the board with a clutch header on off a cross that got the Wolves back within one. Not long after, the Wolves were awarded a free kick just outside the box. Jim Bermudez stepped up and promptly tied the game with a missile into the back of the net that the Somerton goalie stood no chance of stopping. Flavio Meza would find the scoresheet again for a hat trick to move the Wolves permanently ahead. Jay Fuentes would pad the lead and move the Wolves to a 5-3 lead which looked like it would be enough. The relentless Wolf Pack Attack would not be stopped as Meza would add two more goals for a total of 5 on the day. Luis Toledo looked like delivery man on Christmas, racking up 5 assists on the day while midfielder Zachary Avelar overcame an early injury to dominate the middle of the field in the second half. Goalie Gabriel Yanez showed steady hands and aggressively confronted Somerton’s forwards while defenders Everett Jimenez, Yahir Zavala, Damian Soria, Victor Tapia, Ivan Rodriguez, Angel Nava, and Center back Antonio Terrones and his mechanical arm shut down any Somerton attack in the second half, clearing the ball easily. The Wolves showed great teamwork in poise in coming back in dominating fashion to secure the second Championship for CtMS this week. 

The 7th Grade Wolves likewise finished the season strong by upsetting #1 Seed Woodard yesterday in the first round of playoffs, staging a ferocious comeback in the second half that resulted in a 4-3 win for the Wolves. Woodard was undefeated all year before running into a determined Wolves squad that overwhelmed Woodard in the second half with relentless attacking play. After being down 1-3 at halftime, the aggressive play by the Wolves paid off with Nathaniel Claudio pocketing a clutch penalty kick goal to get the Wolves within one goal of Woodard at 2-3. Claudio came through again with a finishing strike to tie the game 3-3 with 2 minutes remaining. With less than 30 seconds left and the Wolves sending everyone forward, Aaron Alvarez controlled the ball in Woodard’s 18 yard box and made a nifty move around the last defender, sighting in the goal and making a precise shot to the side netting that gave the Wolves a 4-3 lead with less than 30 seconds to play. The final whistle saw the Wolves knock undefeated Woodard out of the playoffs and gave the Wolves their fourth win of the year with Woodard taking its first loss. Coach McDaniel said “We focused on just going for it in practice yesterday, we always have to go for it. Even with the score tied 3-3 and 2 minutes left, we have to go for the win and we did. Our mental toughness, our attitude and effort won us that game. I am exceptionally proud of this team.” The 7th Grade Wolves would drop a close semi-final game against Somerton in a shootout after dominating the whole game. "Tough loss, but some goods lessons. We'll be back." McDaniel noted. The 7th Grade Wolves seem poised and ready to challenge for a championship as 8th graders and continue the CtMS streak of excellence on the field. 


3rd Quarter Sports

Boys Basketball

The 7th and 8th grade boys basketball squads dominated their competition this year, with both being crowned city champs. Congratulations Wolves! Head Coach Joaquine Pina, assisted by Patrick Potter, lead the way for the Wolves as the 7th and 8th grade squads went a combined 21-1. The Wolves habitually obliterated every opponent they came across on their way to the double championship over Castle Dome. The 8th Grade squad was lead by Justin Matus, Antonio Terronez, Austin Rush, Zachary Avelar, and Isaac Araiza. Matus lights out shooting and ability to draw fouls in the paint complimented the speed of Rush and Avelar while Terronez and Araiza bullied their way through defenses on the way to copious amounts of rebounds and second chance points. Gerardo Ramos lead a rock solid second unit which included clutch shooting by guards Jesse Zamarano and lock down defense by Victor Robles. All things came together for the 8th grade Wolves as they secured yet another championship for the Wolves. The 7th grade squad was led by perpetual Student-Athlete, point guard, and captain Jared Arias. Mikyn McGowan, Jarred Marquez, and Ryder Voutt were forces to be reckoned with in the lane and on the boards with strength rarely seen from a 7th grade unit. Eduardo Luerra routinely demonstrated freakish athletic ability while showing remarkable consistency at the free throw line, at one point knocking down twelve straight free throws during the season. Guard Emmanuel Ortiz dished the rock and proved tough to get around on the backcourt while Mikah Bravo and Josiah Ramos provided pinpoint shooting when called upon. Rhett Vance was a reliable swingman in the 3 spot for the Wolves all season and the Wolves completed an unbeated season while hanging another banner in The Den. 


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Girls Soccer

The 7th and 8th grade Lady Wolves soccer squads put fearsome teams on the field this year, from rangy Goalkeepers and atheltic midfielders to rugged defenders and aggressive forwards. The 7th grade squad featured a nigh-unstoppable offensive salvo with Itzel Meza, Caylie Holyfield, and Desiree Kirkland leading the way. The 7th grade Wolves defense featured mainstays Danixzia Diaz and Leslie Sandoval mining the 18 year box and habitually showing excellent footwork in turning away attacking players. Goalies Emilyn Resendiz and Dalilah Gonzalez showed strong hands all year in leading the Wolves to a semi-final birth in the City Championships. The Wolves are poised to dominate next year under Coach George Mitchell. The 8th grade Wolves featured leading scorer Cassandra Sandoval and midfield play from Nashely Vega and Alyssa Quiros. Hannah Nevels and Vianni Diaz provided solid defense for the wolves and the backline feature returing goalie Jacey Cruz and soccer new comer Gilda Calderon. 

4th Quarter Sports


Girls Volleyball

With the 7th grade squad was coached by Dusti Williamson while Anthony McDaniel handled the 8th grade team, the girls volleyball teams at Centennial made terrific strides this year on and off the court. With a heavy emphasis on learning to play the game the right way by working to pass/set/hit, jump serve, block, and transition, the 8th grade Lady Wolves will definitely be ready to compete for a spot on their high school teams while the 7th grade Lady Wolves have a clear advantage moving onto 8th grade next year. "Our process is more important than any outcomes, our principles more important than any result. Really proud of these girls, they were fun to coach and exciting to watch!" McDaniel beamed.  As the 7th graders entered the playoffs, expectations were high. With good chances at running the table at the #3 seed spot, the Wolves came out firing on all cyclinders against Woodard, with a convincing two game victory. The Wolves would then meet Somerton in the semifinals and continued to hammer the opposition with a steady stream of aces and kills. Terrific defense from starters Dalilah Gonzalez and Desiree Kirkland kept the Wolves energy radiating throughout the gym. Rian Martinez owned the net, consistently dominating the opposition with spikes and blockes. Kenzie Nakasawa and Senia Cuevas were a force to be reckoned with at the serving line, dropping in ace after ace. The championship match featured a highly touted matchup between the Wolves and a formidable Castle Dome squad. The Wolves, however, would get out to a quick start against Castle Dome and would never look back. Another two game sweep wrapped the Championship up for the Wolves who celebrated in style at the Handshake Dance at Centennial later that night. It was the first volleyball championship for the Wolves in 6 years and also helped to wrap up the SYCIA City Championship for Centennial. The Wolves are on parade in Yuma! 

Flag Football

The Wolves A and C team flag footballs squads were among the best in the business in 2018 with the C Team securing the City Championship and the A Team finishing as the runners up after a defensive slugfest in the championship game against Crane. The C Team, lead by Head Coach Joaquine Pina and assisted by Patrick Potter, showed tenacity and grit all year in fighting their way to the championship game. Nathaniel Claudio quarterbacked the Wolves C squad and lead a ferocious rushing attack that opposing defenses just couldn't keep up with. Austin Rush showcased high school caliber hands as a wideout for the Wolves on his way to securing a Student-Athlete of the Year award at Centennial's promotion. The Wolves earned the Team C Championship and helped secure the overall SYCIA City Championship for the Wolves. The Team A Squad, lead by Head Coach David Akins and assisted by Randy Hammonds, battled all the way to the championship game showing defining features of what it means to be apart of the WolfPack with terrific citizenship and sportsmanship on the way there.  The Championship game saw a showdown between the Wolves and The Crane Cougars, with the Cougars pulling off a 12-6 victory, The Wolves congratulate their crosstown rivals on their  Team A championship while acknowledging their own successes on and off the field this year. The Wolves saw clutch play from Justin Matus who snagged nearly every pass thrown his way and also secured a Student-Athlete of the Year award at Centennial's promotion ceremony. The A Team's second place finish also helped to wrap up the SYCIA City Championship for the Wolves, leaving the Wolves with 13 total points, ahead of both Castle Dome and Crane, who placed third. 

Director of Athletics

Director of Athletics

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