Broby, Barb

Broby, Barb

Welcome to Mrs. Broby's Classroom Web Page.

THIS WEEK IN OUR CLASSROOM: (Week of September 5th)
This week we are working on multiplication and division.  We are drawing models, solving word problems, and learning strategies for learning our multiplication facts.  In reading we continue to work on "close reading" which involves re-reading to find answer and then prove our answers from evidence in the text.  We continue to work on our keynote presentations and research information about simple machines.  In grammar we are going to be re visiting nouns and introducing pronouns and in writing we continue to work on personal narratives. 

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District Guidelines for Report Card Grading

Graded homework and graded classwork count as a total of 20% of the student's grade.  Even though this is not a very big percentage of their grade, all homework and classwork are used as  formative assessments for me as the teacher to assess where each student is doing well and where they need help or reteaching.  If students do poorly on an assignment, it gives me information about what they know and what they need to know.
District Common Assessment are given district wide and assess whether they have mastered a standard. They are all given online at ATI-online and are created by a district curriculum team.  These assessment constitute 50% of their grade.  If they do poorly on an assessment, they will have an opportunity to be retested after additional teaching and practice.  The best grade for that standard is the one that is figured into the final grade for that standard.
Quarterly Benchmark Assessments are given once a quarter for each area of study (reading, math, and writing/grammar).  They are given online at ATI-online.  All benchmarks area created by the district and are given uniformly across the district.  These assessment count as 30% of their final grade. 
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